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1400 abused girls

28 Aug

The police have time to research posthumously the sexual crimes of Jimmy Saville, imprison Rolf Harris and prosecute Dave Lee Travis. Yet 1400 young girls, children, are systematically abused and raped over a 10 year period in Rotherham and despite being told about it again and again, the authorities, police and social services do nothing. Nobody arrested, no one in jail! Scandalous.


And why? The perpetrators were Muslims of Pakistani origin and the police were scared of being called racists or Islamophobes. They did not want to upset “social cohesion”.

But the real question, and the one no-one seems to ask,  is why the police are so scared. Why does this group get special privileges?

It is because  Muslims totally overreact to every perceived slight and we let them get away with it.  They threaten death, riots and suicide bombers.  They are like petulant children, only they are not children and the threats have proven to be real.  So, unbelievably, the police back off.

Far better to let 1400 young girls suffer both sexual and physical abuse.