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One Parent Families

16 Feb

The Scourge of the One Parent Family

One of the scourges of our times is the number of one parent families. Apparently, the UK has the highest rate in Europe.  It is nothing to be proud of.

The social cost is enormous.  Typically, it is the mother who is the sole parent.  Frequently she lives off the state.  Often, they have several children, in some cases with several fathers.

Children with no father don’t do so well.  They often display discipline problems and do less well in school.

The current system, as I see it, rewards young women  for having children.  After a couple of kids, the council give you a flat for goodness sake.  Everything is paid for.  No wonder if you have little, it looks good to have some kids.

The CSA seems to be singularly inept at tracking down reluctant fathers and getting them to pay.

I have little sympathy for these women for one simple reason.  Contraception prescriptions are free!!  There is no excuse for a single person pregnancy except rape.  It is life style choice.

The Solution

So, what can be done about it?  I have a solution.  It is tough to start with but it would solve the problem.  I know that many people will disagree violently.

The Government should advertise a major policy change.  It should give 18 months notice of the change.  After that the Government should disown any responsibility for any child born to a single parent.  No housing, no extra benefits.  Nothing.

The ads should be along the lines :-

Don’t get pregnant.  You are on your own.  No housing, no extra benefits.  If you need help then get it from the father.  If you don’t do that then that’s why you have a family or that’s why there are charities.  Contraception is free.  There is no excuse.

And the Government should mean it.  They should leave it to the charities and parents.  After the notice period, there will be a tough period as the Government’s resolve is put to the test.  But after a few months the word will get out.  After a year, the number of pregnancies will have dropped off dramatically.

To support the policy change, there should be a real toughening up of the powers of the CSA.