Muslims can never Integrate – They Hate Us

14 Jan

We, kuffars, non believers, try so hard to be accommodating to Muslims and to get them to integrate into our society but with limited success.  So we feel guilt and that we must try even harder.
We will never succeed.  There is one simple but basic point that we kuffars fail to recognize again and again.
It is deeply fundamental to Islam that not only must you love Allah and the believers but you must also hate non-believers.
Otherwise you are not a true Muslim.
This is the doctrine of Al Wala’ Wal Bara’ (Love and Hate for Allah’s Sake).  We non-believers need to get to grips with this concept.
To be a true Muslim they have to hate us.
Muslims have six articles of faith
  1. One God;
  2. The angels of God;
  3. The books of God, especially the Qur’an;
  4. The prophets of God, especially Muhammad;
  5. The Day of Judgment (or the afterlife); and
  6. The supremacy of God’s will (or predestination).

One of the aspects of the belief in these six articles is “al wala wal bara” loving and hating for the sake of Allah Alone. It is one of the most important beliefs of Islam after belief in one God.

It explains why the moderates don’t come out against the extremists.  It explains why integration into Western society will never happen.

Basically, the moderates may not kill us but they still hate us, or, at least, they are exhorted to hate us at a very fundamental level.  And continuous exhortation must rub off.  Once we understand “al wala wal bara”  then maybe sensible policies can be set up to deal with Islam in the West.

Have a look at some Islamic writings (in blue):

The Prophet said: The strongest bond of faith is loyalty for the sake of Allah and opposition for His sake; love for the sake of Allah and enmity for His sake.

But what does this love and enmity exactly mean?

Loving for the sake of Allah means to love Allah and to show loyalty to Him by following His Shariah. It means to love all that is good and permissible in the Quran and Sunnah. This type of love requires one to defend Allah’s authority and to preserve it. It is to love those who are obedient to Allah and to defend and assist them. These are the party of Allah.

Enmity for the sake of Allah signifies showing anger towards those who oppose Allah, His Messenger, His authority, and the believers. It is to struggle and fight against them in order to uphold and spread the way of Allah and His Messenger.

Al wala wal bara requires one to ally oneself with Allah, His Messenger and the believers wherever they are found and against the disbelievers even if it is against their own relatives. We see this in the example of the Prophet, who fought against his own relatives and his own clan, all for the sake of Allah.

We non-believers probably have not heard of Al wala wal bara because it is hard to remember but it is all over the Islamic websites, even the so-called moderate ones.  An example from an Islamic Question and answer website.

Q.  Can I pray for a good Christian friend who is ill?

A.  You are straying from Al wala wal bara.  Why do you have a Christian friend?  No you may not pray for her.  You may only pray that she converts to Islam.

Even at this human level hate is encouraged.

Allah says in His Book:
Let not the believers take disbelievers for their friends in preference to believers. Whoever does this has no connection with Allah unless you are guarding yourselves against them as a precaution. Allah bids you to beware of Himself. And to Allah is the journeying. (Surat Ali Imran 3:28)

The reason why “al wala wal bara” is so important in Islam is because, if it is taken into practice, it can remove all devine ignorance from the Muslim Community.  It guarantees the preservation of the Muslim Community, and it distinguishes the believer from the disbeliever. When one loves and hates for Allah’s sake only, they are raised degrees higher than those who love, hate, and act based on their own desires or fake gods or for other meaningless things.

Non-Muslim friends are not allowed.  So much for integration.

Allah commands:

And fight them until persecution is no more and religion is for Allah. (Suratul Baqarah 2:193)

Only the people who love and hate for the sake of Allah will act upon this command. These are the people that understand the meaning of al wala wal bara.

Al wala wal bara aims to purify the society and rid the people of all vices. For example, we are required to oppose the way of the disbelievers. One of their habits is wasting their time in pursuing their own material desires. A Muslim who does not act upon al wala wal bara will imitate this habit and therefore become neglectful of his duties to Allah. This will lead to a corrupt person, who will end up raising a corrupt family, which will corrupt the community in whole.

We call ourselves Muslims, but what exactly is a Muslim? We can’t just expect that belief in Allah and His Messenger is enough to be qualified for Paradise.

If we believe that belief in Allah is enough, then there is no difference between us and the pagan Arabs of the pre-Islamic period, who claimed to believe in Allah and at the same time, worshipped hundreds of other gods. Al wala wal bara is what distinguishes a believer from a disbeliever. A believer allies himself with Allah only and with his final Messenger and with the believers.

In order to be considered a believer, one must believe in Allah and His Messenger as well as show and prove that belief by assisting them and allying oneself with them against the enemies of Islam. The plans of the disbelievers are clearly exposed in the Quran:

They long for you to disbelieve even as they disbelieve, so that you may be the same as them. So do not choose friends from among them until they go out in the way of Allah. (Suratun-Nisaa 4:89)

O you who believe! Do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends. They are friends of one another. And whoever of you takes them for friends is one of them. Surely Allah does not guide wrongdoing people. (Suratul Maaidah 5:51)

Please remember that the Quran is the word of God himself.

We are warned to beware of the kaafireen (i.e unbelievers ) for, they say with their mouths what is not in their hearts (3:167).

They secretly plot against the believers to get rid of them and their divine religion Islam. They attack the Muslims and the people without the belief in al wala wal bara will support them against the believers and this is what we see in today’s situation.

If the believers join together as one brotherhood, sharing a mutual love and hate for the sake of Allah, Islam will come out on top regardless of how powerful their enemies may be. When the Prophet and his companions fought their battles, their enemies were always more in number and had better armour, but the Muslims were victorious as in the Battle of Badr. They shared one cause: fighting for the sake of Allah. 

Al wala wal bara is one of the more important aspects of Islam. It was because of this aspect that the companions and their Chief Leader Muhammad together, peacefully conquered lands and hearts all over the globe by the will and grace of Allah.

I love this idea of peacefully conquering lands.  Not even George Orwell in 1984 doublespeak could have said it so well.


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