Islamic State is not Islamic

1 Dec

This blog includes material from an article was published in The Times on 1st December 2014 quoting Desmond Swayne, an international development minister.

The acts of violence committed by Islamic State militants have been more than equalled by Christians down the centuries…

Yet, again we find the dreadful Tu Quoque argument so loved by Islam apologists.

So, the violence is OK, Christians did it too!

Excuse me, but both were wrong and the Christians have, at least,  grown up and stopped doing it. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

In a candid set of “personal remarks” at a parliamentary event last week, he also hit out at the BBC for using the term “Islamic State”, which he said was a “standing insult to a billion peaceloving Muslims” because it presumed that the militants were acting under the authority of Islam.

It doesn’t matter whether or not they have the “authority of Islam”. There is no equivalent of the Pope in Islam to give that authority. There is no “authority of Islam”.  The Quran is their inspiration and Mohummad(PBUH) is their role model. By their fruits you shall know them.

Of course it’s Islamic. It’s just not the Islam of the so-called moderates who delude themselves that their holy scriptures are not full of violent exhortations and hatred.

Passages in the Koran that appeared to advocate attacks on non-Muslims could be answered with “any number of bloodthirsty, ghastly, taken-out-of context quotes from the New and Old Testaments”, he added.

Oh, that’s OK then.

So what? Does it excuse them?


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