Why do I care about Muslim Violence and Misbehaviour?

7 Nov

Muslim Violence and Misbehaviour

I find I do care greatly about Muslim violence and misbehaviour.  But why do I care?  Why should I give a damn?  None of it really affects me directly.

There are, of course, these radicals, terrorists and suicide bombers who would happily blow me up or chop my head off and that certainly colours my views! But that’s not the full answer.

Why do I care that they condone underage marriage, refuse to condemn the sex grooming of our young girls or the bombers in our streets, practice female genital mutilation and practice honour killings?  What has it got to do with me?

Why do I care that in Sharia Law, a woman’s testimony is only worth half of a man’s?  A woman who claims she has been raped has to find four men to testify that they saw the rape.  If she cannot then she is in danger of being accused of adultery and stoned to death!

Why do I care that the Sunnis beat the hell out of the Shi’ites and vice versa?

Why do I care that that in Muslim countries they hang, behead, amputate and stone to death?  They persecute Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, burning their churches and temples.

Why do I care that all along the borders between the Muslim and non-Muslim cultures all the way from China to the Balkans, there is violence, the so called ‘Bloody Border’?

Muslims throw all sorts of Quranic verses at each other to describe why all this violent activity is or is not Islamic.  The so called ‘moderates’ make all sorts of statements about how fundamentalist are corrupting the beautiful message.  To this last point, I really do NOT care.  It’s not the point.

Whatever they are, the arguments and learned discussions don’t really matter.  The fact is, Muslims are violent and have been for 1400 years.  Not all of them, of course, but enough to see the pattern.  But why should I care?  It doesn’t really have much immediate contact with me.

So Why Do I Care

I care because it is the stated aim of the Muslims to turn the UK into a Muslim state and me into a Muslim!  And they are winning – slowly.  That’s why I care.  I care for me and but mostly for my grandchildren.

I am no bible thumper but Matthew’s gospel says it well.

 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.  Ye shall know them by their fruits.

Whatever their rhetoric, the fruits of Islam scare the hell out of me.

Do They Really Want To TakeOver?

Oh, yes.

Muslims split the world into two ‘Houses’

  • Dar al-Islam “house of Islam /of Peace” is a term used by Muslim scholars  to refer to those countries where Muslims can practice their religion freely. It’s the area of the world under the rule of Islam, literally, “the home of Islam” or “the home of submission.”
  • Dar al-Harb “house of war”  is a term referring to those countries where the Muslim law is not in force, in the matter of worship and the protection of the

One of the prime responsibilities of all Muslims is to convert the world to Islam by jihad, using conversion, coercion or death.  Apparently, we were all born Muslims but because our parents knew no better, we were not raised as Muslims.  So, actually they are doing us a great favour by getting us back into Islam!  By whatever means.

Muslims in the UK will keep going until the UK is a Muslim state under Sharia Law.  They want me to ‘benefit’ from all the above mentioned behaviours.    And, by their own admission, their best weapon is the Muslim womb.  They are outbreeding us.  Just visit any Maternity ward in a big city to see it in action.

In Bosnia, the Muslims were a large minority but they outbred the non –Muslims and turned it into a Muslim state, driving out the Christian and Orthodox peoples during the Yugoslavian break up.  It has happened.  We are working that way in the UK.

The Stages of the Jihad

There are three well defined and well understood stages to the Islamification of a state.  This is the process used by Muhammad himself and documented in the Quran.

Yes, I care


In the UK we are in Stage 2.  We get demands for special schools, special dress, use of Sharia Law, a voice on every TV show, allowed to use Halal slaughter,  special treatment from the police( no dogs, women cannot be interviewed by a man), special treatment in prison with food and prayer time, attempts to create Muslim zones in the big cities.  Some schools only serve Halal food (even to non-muslims).  It’s easier, you know.  Some 163 KFCs in the UK sell only Halal food. The list goes on.

We already see sporadic examples of Stage 3.  The assassination of critics of Islam; youth in the street claiming to be Muslim police;  attacking off licences in Muslim areas, demonstrations saying “To hell with democracy.  Islam will win”, “Behead those who insult Islam”.  Suicide bombers in the streets of London.

Yes, I really do care.  And so should you.


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