A Loving Religion

24 Jun

I am told that the vast majority of the people from one religion are good people and loving people.  I am sure they are.

Yet the items in the list below have all been done in the name of  that  religion and a great god.  Do we want the worry of having people with these thoughts mass migrating to our country?  And demanding that their legal system can sit side by side with ours?

We, of course,  must accept these little aberrations otherwise we are racist or committing the crime of religious intolerance.  And that can land us in jail. They are welcome in our country in great numbers.

  • Bombing buildings killing thousands
  • Hijacking aeroplanes
  • Kidnapping over 200 schoolgirls for going to school
  • Young men are seduced off to a sectarian war in another country then some of them come back threatening this country
  • Female genital mutilation
  • Beheading as a punishment in public
  • Stoning to death. the men buried to their waist so they might escape, women to their shoulders so they can’t
  • Death penalty for changing religion
  • Amputation as a punishment, arms and legs
  • Forced marriages
  • Underage marriages
  • “Honour” killing of female relatives for going out with someone from a different religion or sect
  • Grooming of white girls for sex then selling them for prostitution
  • Punishing someone by gang raping his sister, who then has to commit suicide because she has bought dishonour to the family
  • Death penalty after accusing raped women of adultery
  • Anti music and dance
  • Death penalty for minor insult to the leader
  • Assassination of journalists and soldiers in the street
  • Open hatred of my (western) values
  • Insisting that women cover themselves in public
  • Segregating boys and girls at school
  • Beating children who do not learn the holy book well enough



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