Lib Dem Disenfranchisement Scandal

29 Mar

The Liberal Democrats voted against the changes proposed by the Boundaries Commission.  They did so because they did not get their way with Lords Reform.  That sounds fair enough.

Actually, it’s scandalous behaviour.

The Lib Dems who claim to be so democratic and “for the people” have decided that some people’s votes must count less than other people’s.  They have voted to block the changes that would make the constuency sizes more equitable.  How democratic is that?

They will argue that the current system for the House of Lords is undemocratic.  Maybe it is.  But two wrongs don’t make a right  and the Lib Dem wrong is by far the bigger one.  It is the House of Commons that runs the country.  The House of Lords has far less influence.

The Conservative Party lose up to 20 seats because of this blockage!  The main beneficiaries from the block are the Lib Dems and Labour, surprise surprise.  But, of course, that had nothing to do with their actions, did it?

I used to have some respect for the Lib Dems.  But this behaviour is just cynical manoevering covered in a veneer of self righteousness.


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