Marriage and Civil Partnerships

12 Mar

The whole issue of marriage vs civil partnerships vs just living together is a mess.  And yet it could all be so easy.

The problem arises because there is a huge confusion in both the Government and the public mind between romance and property protection.

We need some new definitions.

From the Government point of view there should only be one form of union.  It has nothing to do with romance.  It is merely a government backed contract for the sharing of property especially with the death of one of the partners.  It gives the default disposal of assets.  Let us call this the Civil Partnership.  Woe betide a couple of any sex who want to pass on assets but do not have a will.

If a couple want to mark the Civil Partnership with some religious / romantic celebration, that is up to them and any religious following they have.  It is nothing to do with Government.  Let us call this activity, “Marriage”.

A couple can elect to have the  Marriage but no Civil Parnership, that’s up to them but it is not recognised by the Government for asset, tax or any other purpose.

Problem solved.



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